An Ode..., Keepin It Real

the unSEEn

I have been tossing with a sentence for the last two weeks. Too afraid to say it out loud but also struggling to find a scenario where it is not true. “To be a black woman is to be heard but not believed.” I want this sentence not to be true. God, I’ve prayed to… Read More the unSEEn

Keepin It Real

Untitled Peace

I hear a lot of my peers (both secular & saved) say things like, “protect your peace”. I personally, agree with most statements regarding this mantra. I believe that having peace is essential for any human to live a ‘good’ life. Many people who believe in protecting their peace also believe that everyone can gain… Read More Untitled Peace

Keepin It Real

Lose It

Having a work friend that dislikes the same people you dislike at work is like joining a sorority or secret club. You feel like there’s an unbreakable connection with someone. But now that you work from home what do you have in common in with that person?… Read More Lose It