Its an obvious statement to name my first post ‘The Beginning‘, but it isn’t as easy to identify the reason I call my beginning chapter 3.

Have you ever worked on a project, task, or life lesson that didn’t you didn’t complete or didn’t turn out the way you thought it would? Even though I’ve been a ‘Christian’ since I got baptized at the age of 9, I did not become a true Christ-follower until about four years ago. It seems to me that ever since I decided to get off the fence and pick a side of the grass to stand on, each year has been a new chapter or lesson in my walk.

Chapter One: I had no idea where to start in my walk. I literally just opened the old Bible I had and read a random scripture, wrote it down, said a quick prayer and closed my notebook because I thought I was done. I had no idea the scripture I read would be the soundtrack to my current chapter. (Exodus 23:25 Contemporary Ver.) I took the translation I read and did what it said. the scripture commands me to worship. The next Sunday I signed up to sing on the choir at church. I was on the choir for two months before I was called to the Praise Team. I had never been on a Praise Team and unlike some I didn’t see my role on the Praise Team as anything other than to worship! Every Sunday and Wednesday I worshipped until I was tired. I would go home after services completely drained. I thought that was all Christianity had for me. To be a worshipper.

Chapter Two: I still wasn’t reading or praying like I should’ve been but my Pastor dropped a word on us one Sunday and I knew I needed Jesus-loving friends. (Hebrews 10:24-25)My trouble was the people I reached out to were one of two ‘Saints’. They were either so saved I couldn’t ask them what they thought of the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy without a sermon or they were coming to church hungover from the club. I was neither! I’ve never enjoyed going out and staying up late because i LOVE sleep. Eventually through my significant other I found a few Jesus-lovers who were on the same page as me. And for awhile that was enough for me…

Chapter Three: All I can say is my Job Season was in full effect. The only difference between Job’s situation in the Bible and mine was mine was completely self inflicted. i still believe that God allowed me to fall flat on my face because I had become fully dependent on His grace and did nothing to help myself. I was spending money before it was in my possession. I put my bills and responsibilities on the back burner and put my wants over the Will of God. It is so true what the Bible says, that God is a jealous God. My ego and vanity were clearly ahead of Him and he was not with it. He allowed my brand new car to be taken, my brand new apartment to be taken, took away my good paying job and an old friendship to die. All of this happened within a span of a couple months. All the while I was in church every week faking the funk to the Saints like I was a victim to the hurricane I let throw up on my life. My relationship with my significant other was miserable and the main reason we didn’t want to let it go was because we were scared to be alone, to disappoint those around us, or to show we weren’t the perfect couple everyone thought we were.

Chapter 4: Although this Chapter has yet to conclude, so far Β God has done for me what He did for Job, He has restored me. The only thing I did was include Him. I started including Him in my job search (gave me a job I LOVE), my relationship, and now in this new direction of my life. I have a lot to say about what REALLY happens behind the Curtain of Christianity and hopefully you guys will follow me through this journey…

k, good talk -J