All of the principles and topics of this Christian 101 series go hand in hand. It’s meant to give you a solid foundation to start your faith walk because when you are a part of the body of Christ everything you do is a stem from your foundation. If your foundation is filled with holes and incomplete with questions and confusion then your faith walk will look the same. If your foundation is shakey, you can be easily swayed or distracted by the ways of the enemy. My prayer for you who read this, is that through these topics you gain a better understand of why we (Christians) believe in what we believe and how those beliefs help, carry, & shape our lives and legacy.

The inspiration behind this section of Christian 101

As an early believer, I never understood how my physical appearance tied into my relationship with God. I thought that the only thing my appearance affected was me. WRONG! Remember that worship is love expressed and how we live our life is expressing our feelings toward God. Killing myself slowly with unhealthy food is expressing my feelings toward God. I am telling God that I do not appreciate the temple He gave me because I am abusing it by not taking care of it, pushing its limits by overeating, and not being able to give God my all because I tire easily. I’m sure most of you do not believe me, so I’ll prove it to you…

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”

-1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (NKJV)

These scriptures are literally saying, “Take care of your body because God lives in it and anyone who doesn’t take care of God’s house will be destroyed.” Paul is talking about you. He’s talking about me! So we as a follower of His word must believe and ACT on this. I’m not saying you should become a vegan-organic only-carrot casserole making-protein drinking-gym head. No, I’m saying that you must take care of the temple that God gives you to the best of your ability. It means you should be concerned that you cannot fit in a regular sized booth at the restaurant. You should workout if the twelve stairs in your house causes you to need an hour break after walking them. You should eat vegetables with every meal and set rules for when your kids can snack. If you cannot jump and shout and dance during praise and worship because your back fat is pulling you down…it is your duty to do something about it! What if your arteries are clogged so now you cannot travel across the country to go preach, or sing, or do missionary work, or help your family?

If you are not taking care of His temple, God cannot send you to the nations because you’ll be too tired to make the trip. I say this as someone who struggles everyday about her weight. And let me be clear I HATE working out. But once I got this revelation, I couldn’t unhear it and God has been working on me in this area specifically. I remember one day I was in worship in my bedroom, I was telling God how much I love Him. I said “God, I want to go deeper in worship with you! Take me where I’ve never gone before. I just want you to show me things I’ve never seen.” And His answer was, “How? When you get tired after a three minute song.”

…I hired a personal trainer the next day! I made up in my mind that I didn’t want anything to get in the way of God using me. This wasn’t about me being a size three or fitting into a societal standard. It’s about my obedience. How can I be used by God to help others when I couldn’t even be trusted to take care of what He already gave me?

What I’m saying is, if I was working out just for me to be skinny the price of working out is too high for me. The sweat and effort that comes from working out is not worth trying to be skinny. So, I have to have another motivation for keeping myself healthy. And I’m sure many of you must need something else to motivate your own fitness goals. Here are a few tips of what you’ll need BEFORE the diet and exercise.

Step 1: Accountability
A partner, friend, & even a trainer can make sure you will stick to your goals and help push you. I recommend hiring a trainer they are paid to yell at you and keep you motivated.
Step 2: Scripture
‘Fit-ture’. Find a scripture that backs your reason for wanting to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. My family’s ‘fit-ture’ is Galatians 3:13
Step 3: Keep it Real
Set goals that are maintainable. Ones that fit into your lifestyle not just a crash diet. If you can only workout twice a week…WORKOUT twice a week
If you aren’y sure what goals you should have, pray and ask, God. Remember He cares about all the small stuff too!
Step 4: Grab some gear
My favorite thing is wearing gym outfits that inspire me and make me feel good. Clothes with God sayings and fun colors.
In fact, my best friend started making inspirational ‘God & Gains’ hats for her fitness journey.

Doing these things will not only help you to see results in the gym but also in your life. Blessings are attached to your obedience and the Bible talks about following all the principles inside it. Taking care of our physical bodies seem to be the one that we the Saints ignore the most yet, we pray for healing from diseases and illnesses we’ve caused (diabetes, high blood sugar, etc.). So let’s be preventative and not reactive with our temples because we only get one!

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