It’s something we all have, want, and chase after but never talk about. We are taught to shy away from conversations about money because if we do, then we can appear boastful or cocky. But why do we do that when the Bible is very clear about money and worth? It is one of the most discussed topics in the Bible. In fact, the Bible says that what you do with your money is one of the most telling things about who you are as a person. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.”- Matthew 6:21. Yet, we cringe when we talk about our salaries, we clutch our purses when we walk by someone who appears to want your money. We analyze each other for deceit when approached for money to help. Why? At it’s core, money is simply paper. If it rips, gets wet, or fades…its useless. Yet we spend our lives respecting people who have more of it than we do and stick our noses up at the people who have less of it than we do.

Money is one of main the reason unbelievers claim to not be interested in going to church. Money is the thing that even some believers say they don’t need to give to have a relationship with God. Yet, when both groups do find themselves in need, money is the one thing they feel comfortable asking God for even though they refuse to be fully invested in Him. Which is the equivalent of telling your parents you don’t need them but expecting them to pay your bills every month. Why do we treat God like an ATM?

I have several different theories on why we as a culture deem this acceptable and how we as believers have dropped the ball in teaching new believers about money. But the root of all those theories is this: If you do not trust God with your money, you do not trust God at all! There is no faith like the faith you have when you place a $20 bill in someone’s hand and express the expectation for them to bring your change back.

When I came into this revelation, I realized that if I want to INCREASE my faith in God wholeheartedly, then I need to give Him my money. I need to hand Him my BIGGEST resource and allow Him to be my ONLY source.

Most of you know that I do not work a formal job…but I make money. And the big question is, how? The simple answer is, God! When I decided to quit my job (which I admit now was a stupid thing to do), I told God, “If you are REALLY down for me like you said…show me! Here is my bank account, here is my debt…fix it. Show me you are The Source and not a resource.

True to His word, God showed up and showed out. Not only did He (temporarily) allow me to live a reckless lifestyle, when I was finished acting crazy with my money, he taught me how to be a good steward over what I have. He taught me how less is more, and He taught me that what is in my bank account does not define me. He showed me how to budget my money. He told me where my money should go and gave me resources to teach me new ways to handle money and invest and grow generational wealth….now I’m a millionaire! Okay, that last part is not true. Truth is, I still have struggles with spending and managing my money BUT, now I have a better understanding of how to fix and correct myself when I overspend or don’t pay attention which allows me to sustain my lifestyle on less money for a longer period of time.

“Money is not the root of all evil. It is the tool God gave to ward evil off & glorify His name all at once.”


Okay, so now that we’ve talked about the importance of money situations, let’s talk about how money is actually God’s tool for a better relationship with Him and a way for Him to test our hearts.

Most of you know that tithes is ten percent of your earnings that you give to your local church or spiritual leader to support the projects and basic functions of the Church. Tithes work exactly like taxes should. We pay tithes (taxes) to a higher authority, God (the government). In return, that higher authority is to supply us with basic necessities and amenities that make our lives easier (roads, clean streets, trash, schools, police, etc). It is everyone pooling a small portion to gain something bigger.

In 2 Corinthians 9:6-8, it explains why this is important to God. God wants us to give cheerfully because He wants us to be more like Him. Everyday He gives us grace which is the most precious thing He has, without expecting anything in return from us. So, to teach us to be generous like him, He asks us to use our greatest physical resource to show that we have a heart to help and heal like He does. He wants you to give with a generous heart because that generosity is the first domino to fall in a series of dominos that will change lives and cause triumph for yourself. When God sees you give, He sees that you care about what He cares about. When you care about what God cares about, He makes sure your household is covered. Your children will never need anything, your spouse will always be honorable, your closet will always have clothes inside of it. Your home will always have peace, your car will always be reliable, your job will always favor you. It is not a matter of understanding how and where every dollar will be used. It’s an act of sacrifice and obedience that will open up God ordained doors for you. It is a way for you to truly peak into the depths of your heart and see if you are living for Godly purpose or for man-made success.

Let’s be honest, tithing is not always a simple thing to do. Sometimes, I find myself begrudgingly hitting the ‘confirm payment’ button to send off my tithes. But I realize that this thought process is just the devils way of trying to put a wedge between my access to the things God has set aside for me and my human desire to see at least three zeros in my account at all times. The devil knows that if he can distract my money, he can ultimately distract the rest of me to ignore Gods voice. So to counteract that plan, I have to consciously put my money where I want my body to be. But, how can I retrain my mind to WANT to tithe? How can I learn to be generous the way God has asked me?

Step 1: Be Under a Covering
Get spiritual leadership that you believe in! If you don’t trust the pastor at your local church, FIND A NEW CHURCH!
– Make sure your spiritual leader ‘feeds’ you spiritually. Don’t just attend a church that looks cool but one that teaches you the Word.
Step 2: Tithe Even if You Don’t Believe Yet
– The Bible is clear about tithing so even if you are unsure the first step is just try it!
– Make two charts. One chart with all your monthly expenses and an estimate of what you spend on them. The second chart of what you actually spent in all those expenses last month.
Based on your monthly income, tithe 10% once a month for six months. I suggest doing it on autopay that way you don’t overthink it or feel pressure at church.
Step 3: Vision
What is your vision? Write out what you want to accomplish/achieve.
– Write out an estimate of what you think it will cost you to achieve these goals (supplies, tools, school, training). Include intangible costs like time, people, & transportation.
– What has God asked you to do (Purpose, calling, or destiny)? Pray daily over everything you wrote down in steps 2 and 3.
Step 4: Education
You cannot teach yourself what you do not know. Read the Word and find other resources for any information that you lack or are unsure of
Seek advice from qualified people on your goals and vision.
Ask God not for the money you gave in tithe but for the peace you have when you possess that money.
Step 5: Change
– Watch doors and opportunities open to fulfill those visions and dreams
You will soon be able to give more freely and feel good doing it!

Remember, the God of the Universe DOES NOT NEED YOUR MONEY! Everything He gives us, including money, is actually His and because He is a generous God, He gives it to us to do what ever we want with it. I choose to give God his first fruits to keep myself obedient, humble, and committed to His will and not my own will. If it were up to me, I would spend every dollar I earn on chipotle and arts and crafts but I think we all can see how spending my money on those things benefits absolutely no one…not even me! There will be times where you miss a payment or mess up your money. Trust me, I gave 5 figures in tithes to my church last year and I still felt at times that I wasn’t doing right. It’s not about the number, it’s about the heart behind it. Because my heart of giving is always at the forefront of my tithe, I find myself celebrating what looks like small miracles like a front parking space at Target but I know its just my tithes working for my good.