I was born into a Baptist Family. Which means that Sundays were the longest days of the week. You woke up early for Sunday school, spent all day in service hooping and hollering and made it home just in time for dinner to be heated up. I was about seven years old when I asked my mom if I could be baptized. I’m still not sure if I did it for fun or because I loved Jesus. So technically I’ve been saved for almost 20 years. I didn’t take my first real steps into Christ following until I was about 21.

I found it very difficult because I felt like at church they were speaking a language I only partial knew. I found myself backsliding and living on the fence that separates worldly living from Christian living. I knew I wanted to live right but the ‘rules’ of Christ following seemed so hard. And the things I really wanted to learn were never fully explained.

They just kept saying things like, worship Him, pray to Him, read your Word, etc. All of that may sound easy to someone who has been a believer for a long time but for me I didn’t enjoy doing any of it because I didn’t understand it. I felt like I was expected to automatically know these things. I knew I loved Jesus but I didn’t know how to follow Him.

Does this sound like you? Well, that’s why I created this series. This Christian 101 series is for the ones like me who need help understanding the importance of the ‘basics’ of Christ following and how to do them. The whys behind what you see Christians do at church or hear about.

So maybe you’re like me and you’ve been saved for awhile and you need a refresher or deeper understanding. Or you are freshly saved or baptized and you have questions about what’s next. You could even be attached to another religion and you just want to understand the World a little better from the Christian perspective or you are looking to convert but you aren’t sure where. My friend, we have all been here before and unlike a lot of ‘Christians’, I’m here to help and walk through this with you. This is the series you will get answers! Let’s start this journey right with a prayer:

“Father, we are hear seeking knowledge. We know that in You we are new creatures so make in us a clean heart. Teach us the things we need to follow You. We are seeking understanding of Your ways and actively seeking Your face. Reveal who You are. Amen.”

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