Keepin It Real

I’m broken…

It’s like I have all the pieces to fix me scattered around me on the floor, the instruction manual is written in Swahili, and it’s pitch black with no light switch.

I’m broken.

k, good y’all


3 thoughts on “I’m broken…

  1. You don;t always have to get the pieces back in the right spot. Sometimes you just have to start shoving pieces where they look like they fit and walk that thing out. Might not be put together they way you thought or they way someone else thought. But not only will you still work just fine, you end up with something more beautiful and interesting than what the instructions called for anyway.

  2. Sometimes, you don’t need all the pieces put together. You just start shoving pieces where they seem to fit and walk that darn thing out the way you put it together. ❤️

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