Recently, I saw a post that claimed that in 2018 you have to be you post anything online or say anything in public you have to fact check, pray to a preist and make sure your statement is as politically correct as possible or somewhere someone will be offended.

I have to be honest, I disagree. There are two things happening that make it seem that you have to be super PC (politically correct).

  1. This isn’t your grandparents generation. With the advancement of recent technology a multitude of information, communities, & opinions are at our fingertips and can be accessed just about anywhere by anyone.

50 years ago, if your local news station didn’t deem a story or event important you probably didn’t hear about it. Now, I can pick any topic to google and find any local, national news station stories in addition to social media statuses, profiles, that talk about the same thing. This means that there’s always someone watching. Has racism been resurrected because of the Trump Administration? In a lot of ways I’d have to say no because its not that racist just popped up at our schools, grocery stores, malls overnight. They’ve been customers, employees and fellow Americans since the dawn of this Nation. They’ve been just as bold, radical, and misinformed their whole lives. The reason it seems these racist rant videos are everywhere is because they are simply more easily accessible to the masses. So now that we see them and/or experience them daily, what do we do?

2. Fed up & fighting back! This generation is tough! We can deal with being blamed for ending long-standing American industries, being called lazy by the proceeding generation, and even graduating college to work a minimum wage job. But one thing we WONT do, is put up with outlandish hate and injustice. We hear your doublespeak and read right through you to see the context of what you’re saying. Yes, I admit sometimes we do go overboard. But like my mama always said ‘its better to be safe than sorry’.  This generation is full of fighters. We know that not always to do we get the respect we deserve when we open our mouths (because respect your elders) so we have found new and inventive ways to protest against racism, hate, and ignorance. Our fighting styles not only include verbal disapproval and withholding financially but also the like/share button, Black Twitter, and reposts galore!

So, it isn’t that every word you speak/type/write has to be 100% Politically Correct (in fact we like a good apology cuz we hate being mad at you!). The truth of the matter is that this generation asks that your words be respectful and responsible. If you do not know the knowledge is there in your favorite search engine or in your local library.

K, good talk