“I didn’t know I needed this movie until AFTER I saw it for the first time.”

 I don’t proclaim to be a super advanced movie critic however I am an avid movie goer and connoisseur. I’m the friend who you watch a movie with and I tell you all the lead actors real names and a movie they’ve played in recently (Seriously it’s like sports stats to me and I’ll look it up if I have to). I can honestly say I’ve never seen a movie like this. This movie was a live action ‘The Lion King’ on steroids!

I left the theatre thinking, “Is this what little white boys name Tom feel like when they saw Captain America for the first time?” If so, I’m super jealous because this feeling of invincibility is what every child should feel like! Yes, there have been black superheroes but if I’m being honest, I’ve never resonated with any of them. Some of the ones like Blade I was too young to see and definitely not into vampires. Robert Townsends ‘Up, Up, & Away’, while entertaining, was unrealistic to me because I came from a single parent household. 

Whether you want to admit it or not every movie has symbolism. From my experience most of the symbolism I see in black lead movies are either about making it out of the hood (usually by way of sports), fighting black family stereotypes (single parenthood, father in jail), breaking insurmountable odds against white standards (becoming the first black to do something or win something). These are great story lines but it is not the experience of every Black American and honestly some of us who live this get tired of seeing it on the screen because we see it when we get home. *No Shade* So, I’m gonna give you some of my favorite symbolisms I caught in Black Panther WITHOUT GIVING SPOILERS. Tell me if you agree or the ones that you caught.

Symbolisms In Black Panther

1. Representation– As a little blackity black black super duper black girl. I’m obsessed with all the beautiful shades of black in this movie especially the dark skin girls! They flawless kicked ass, saved their world while hanging on to their femininity, regalness all while toting around these BANGING bodies! There isn’t a black person who can watch this movie and not see themselves or someone they know. They represented the wide array of personalities, backgrounds, and mannerism that we as black people see in ourselves.th (9)

2. Creation of Villains– A storyline I didn’t expect to connect with was Killmongers. It’s the story of how we as people sometimes create our own villains that we have to fight later in life. It reminded me of Abraham and Sarah’s story in the Bible  about how they tried to take matters into their own hands and created a villain for themselves that wouldn’t have existed otherwise(but thats for a different post). We as citizens of the world have created our villains in many senses. I mean just LOOK at this next generation! They reminded me of toddlers running around with scissors screaming that the scissors aren’t dangerous. Although that’s how I see them WE are the generation that raised them.

3. Colonization– It did not just affect the lives of Black Americans but even citizens of Africa. It created a divide where in some ways all of us brown people feel hopeless to the other at certain times. Africa is THE wealthiest continent on this Earth. We can’t put a price tag on the natural resources it possesses. Some black Americans (ME) find it hard to be connected to Africa because they don’t even know which African Nation their people came from before colonization. Which can lead to some black Americans( NOT ME) to appropriate a culture they know nothing about. Which then causes some African borns to feel like the culture they know and love has been cheapened or misrepresented and can lead to a distain or bad taste in their mouth about a lost group of people who don’t fit in in America OR the Mother Land.africa-rich-country

4. Resources– Speaking of the wealthiest continent in the world…we as a human race already have the antidote to the villains we created (hint: His name is Jesus) but sometimes we don’t acknowledge or use the resource in a selfish way (Yall preach to yourselves on this one if you feel where I’m coming from). Those who posses the resource need to use it spread knowledge of its existence to liberate others. *insert shouting moment*


5. THE WOMEN!– Okay, so the women in this movie made me cry! THE most powerful country in the Marvel Universe and it’s leader is solely protected by….WOMEN! And not women who you are used to seeing on TV. Not women who sit idly by and let the world spin while their husbands run it. These women the opposite of almost every single societal ‘norm’. They had a voice and used it. They were stubborn and strong (physically and mentally). They were educated and leaders in STEM, health, & being badasses! They were classy and wise and loyal and just…. EVERYTHING!rs_1024x759-180129200032-1024.lupita-nyongo-angela-bassett-black-panther-premiere.ct.012918

6. THE MEN!– okay let’s go ahead and say it…Not ONE ugly person was in this movie! Every single creature that graced that screen was beautiful made! Michael BAE Jordan stole the show with those shoulders! *swoon* The only villain I was secretly hoping would win. Chadwick Boseman, though he is not my bae he definitely aint Thurgood Marshall anymore. Keep in mind homeboy is 41! FORTY freaking One! He looks the same age as Lupita, seriously, can we say gene pool jackpot! Let’s not forget about my NEW crush Winston Duke aka M’Baku. The brother is 6’5 with a no abs, and could easily get lost in the background of a NFL combine! Looking at him I couldn’t help but send up a prayer real quick “Jesus, that’s it! That’s what I want right there! Physically that’s my type.” In Jesus name… If you’re having an issue with Lust don’t go see this movie! These men were leading tribes, strong willed and dripping in melanin. Black men with vision and purpose standing in it flawlessly. Good or bad they lead their people with dignity and elegance that made me wanna buy a ticket to Wakanda!Black-Panther-Chadwick-Boseman-Michael-B-Jordan

What was your favorite part of the movie? What symbolisms did you see? Do you think there’s going to be a part two? And if so can Micheal BAE Jordan be in it? Let’s talk in the comments.

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