This Christian 101 series is for the ones like me who need help understanding the importance of the ‘basics’ of Christ following and how to do them. The whys behind what you see Christians do at church or hear about.

So maybe you’re like me and you’ve been saved for awhile and you need a refresher or deeper understanding. Or you are freshly saved or baptized and you have questions about what’s next. You could even be attached to another religion and you just want to understand the World a little better from the Christian perspective or you are looking to convert but you aren’t sure where. My friend, we have all been here before and unlike a lot of ‘Christians’, I’m here to help and walk through this with you. This is the series you will get answers! A new post for this series comes out every Friday. Click below to get started.

How to Pray

How to Read the Bible

How to Praise & Worship