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February is often referred to as the Love Month. It’s the smallest month but holds the biggest punch because the concept of love is a powerful thing! Love can be a noun, verb, or adjective depending on how you use it. Love is what brings all of us together despite our quirks, kinks, & differences. So what better monthly focus than love!

Personally, when I think about love I think about the tribe that I do life with each and every day. I think about my family, my sister, my close friends, & my church. I think of all the great things I would like to see God do in all their lives. I think of where their unique talents, mindsets, and expertise will take them. My heart sings when I think of them because I am truly blessed to have some special individuals in my life. Whats the first thing that comes to mind for you when you think of love? Romance? Your parents? A pet or hobby? Food?

Did you know that there are levels to love? Think of it like this…Band-Aid is the specific brand name of a specific type of bandage but there are other types of bandages like Curad, Nexcare, & generic store brands that you can chose from. Most of us probably only say ‘Band-Aid’ when asking for something to cover wounds with but all these brands have the same function overall. The same is with the different levels of love. In total there are seven types of love but most of us only refer to one or two. Understanding these types can help us figure out how we categorize the importance of the people and things in our life. Read the chart below and think of the things you originally identified. Are they all in the same category? Should some of those people or things be in a different love category? Let’s be mindful this month that someone may place the same person/object in a different category than you…and that’s okay! This month I want to show love to as many people as possible including someone that I wouldn’t normally pay attention to! Let’s LOVE!

Type of LoveMeaning
AgápeLove of the soul, selfless love (Ex: God’s love for us.)
ÉrosLove of the body, erotic love (Ex: outer beauty)
PhiliaAffectionate regard, friendship (Ex: loyalty to friends)
StorgeFamiliar love (Ex: Parent to child, love of country, sports team)
LudusPlayful Love (Ex: puppy love, child’s love for toys)
PhilautiaHealthy love of self (Ex: Liking your big nose)
Mania*Obsessive, mad love (Ex: a stalker, ex-lover)

In the comments below tell me one way you want to show/spread love this month!