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Happy New Year Friends! At the start of this brand new year, I want to encourage you to persevere. Any time a new year is approaching most of us make plans, resolutions, and promises that easily get derailed by a few minor inconveniences at the start of that fresh start. Do not delay or detract from the goals and plans you’ve made. Stay consistent even when the year does not start the way you want it to or how you planned. If you stay the course, you will end the year better than you planned! Here are some tools to help you focus on the battle of consistency.

Focus Word

Warrior-n: A brave or experienced fighter.

Father, we are believing this new year to be a victorious one. This month we want to focus on being consistent in every area of our lives. Financially, spiritually, and physically. We have written the vision and we need your strength and guidance to carry it out. We ask humbly to remove any seeds of doubt, discouragement, laziness, or hesitation from our hearts and minds. Keep us covered, in Jesus name we pray, amen!