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The first quarter of this year is almost over and can I say I’m so happy to be here. We are almost at the meaty center of this year. March is hands down my favorite month simply because my birthday is at the end of it (March 30th), the weather starts to get warmer on the east coast, people seem happier, and we have less clothes to wear! The saying says that march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb just like me!

Because this month is also Women’s History Month, I want our focus word to encompass all that we as women are. When I think about the uniqueness that women bring to the world, I think about strength! We embody every sense of that word. We wear it proudly on our backs everyday. Even though we may appear frail and helpless, our bodies on average handle and experience pain ten times more than our male counterparts. We are attacked more and have survived more than they have! So no matter where you come from, let’s celebrate our strength and the rainbow of colors it comes in!

One song that I will be bumping all month long is Garden by SZA! It is the ultimate girl power song! If you’ve heard the song before you probably are confused right now. About a year ago, I watched a SZA interview where she talked about this song and its real meaning. She said that unlike most people would think, this song is not her talking to a boyfriend or lover, this song is her talking to her! That gave the song a whole new meaning for me. In the song she talks about her physical imperfections and how she thinks that having a different body would be better for her but in all reality all she needs to do to be happy is open her heart and see herself for who she really is because being comfortable with yourself is the ultimate joy.

Love this message from Holly Furtick the powerful woman behind one of the greatest preachers of this generation. Every time I watch this I get strength and encouragement from it. Even if you are a man watching this, Holly breaks down a topic we all suffer from at some point and tells us how to persevere! Strength!

xoxo, See you next month!