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Hello again friends, I hope this reaches you. Is it me or does it seem like this year is flying by. If I’m being honest, I feel like there’s a chance I might not be able to get to my goals for the year because there is just so much in the way. The months are flying off the calendar at a pace that my productivity cannot keep up with.

I see this as a gift and a curse. For example the year 2018 was a rough year for me and all I wanted was for that year to end quickly and quietly but it seemed to go on forever. Adversely, this year is flying and I’m struggling with keeping up with my monthly goals. I want to work out but traffic, time, & motivation always seem to be missing when its time to lift weights.

I thought to myself, how do I make sure I striving for goal completion while be accepting of the goals I’ve yet to complete?


When you have peace it doesn’t mean everything is going your way or happening the way you want in the timeframe that you want it. It means that you realize YOU are the only thing YOU can control so any attempt to control anything else is a recipe for failure.

I’m committing to peace this month. I am committing that regardless of what does NOT happen for me this month I will reflect on what I have done. I am committing to be productive every day and even if I cannot complete something on my to-do list I will reward myself daily with self-love and gratefulness.

As always, I’ve enclosed some good music, sermons, and tools to help you find your peace and hold on to it as you kick down the doors of impossible this month!

  1. Soultime– A meditation app that just GETS you. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from anxiety, lack of sleep, or a strained relationship with God. This app has it all. I use it when I study the Bible, when I’m having a hard time sleeping and when I just need a moment of peace. They have calming sounds and visuals and the instructors do a great job of teaching beginners (like me) how to calm your mind.
  2. Voice Recorder– I literally have tons of voice memos of me screaming…why? Because I need to hear my frustration. Sometimes it isn’t possible to scream in public at the moment you feel frustration. I keep a voice recorder app on deck so that I can vent and listen to it later and I’ve found that I can tell when I was just trippin for a second and when I was actually in emotional pain
  3. Crushing- If you haven’t already, listen to this powerful conversation from TD Jakes. He breaks down perfectly the season I’m currently in and what it feels like to be there. It’s lengthy but it’s worth it! You’re sitting in traffic anyway go take a listen. Or check out this youtube playlist I made: Janae’s Playlist
  4. Elevation Worship has always been one of my favorites…but for some reason their newish album Paradoxolgy has been keeping me lifted AND wrecking me at the same time. They took songs from their previous album and revamped them completely and it’s amazing! (My favs are ‘Hallelujah Here Below’ & ‘Mighty God’. Also the album visual is AMAZING!



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