A month a powerful message was spoken over my entire church. We were issued a challenge from a visiting prophet and his anointed wife to spend the month of May recognizing things in our daily life we are grateful for. Which sounds like a simple task. Anybody can find just ONE thing to be grateful for a day. But when you’re going through one of the hardest break ups ever, its hard to find something to be grateful for. Amen? Is it just me or am I preaching to somebody right now? That’s okay, I’ll preach to myself. I did miss some days in the process but overall I’m glad I did complete the challenge because it caused me to become more self aware on the days that I wasn’t feeling to grateful with the hand I’ve been dealt. I had to look at Janae dead in her face and tell her to wipe her tears, fix your crown and if you can ‘find’ one thing to be grateful for…go BE that person someone is grateful for! Oh, now yall here me, huh? (I told you I was preaching). Well here’s my list of 31 things I found. In the comment section, tell me a couple things you are grateful for or just become a member of my Amen Corner if you’ve been through the same thing.

1. My Church- There’s always someone praying for me (Hey Pastor Smith!)

2. I’m in a position at work where I can help people

3. My boss- He won’t admit it but my boss loves me and he trusts me which is something I’ve never had at work

4. Kristen Martin

5. My Paycheck- Yall might laugh, but big or small I’ve never been sad to see it! Amen?

6. Janice Lee Frederick-Davis- I could write a book about how great she is…but it’s not Mother’s Day anymore.

7. Creativity- My escape when my mind is cloudy

8. My work commute

9. The beauty of Spring

10. My regular customers- some of them really put a smile on my face on my worse days

11. The 5 pounds of break-up weight I loss, amen?

12. Kendra Monique Davis- homegirl’s surprise visit turned my entire month from a black hole. I’d write a paragraph about her too but, it’s not her birthday

13. Camille Cierra Davis- I don’t know how she’s so strong.

14. An on time God- no one can tell me I’m not His favorite

15. My Pastor- I’ve told him this before but I promise he has wires somewhere in my house. He only preaches the story of my life every week. His messages are always a confirmation of God’s word in my life or a revelation of what’s to come!

16. Chipotle- Listen, when you’ve had one of THOSE days and you get a bite of that spicy perfection, it makes the day worth it!

17. Rain- it seems like I do my best thinking when it rains. I get more done when it rains.

18. I know what my work in the body of Christ is.  I’m grateful because theres so many youths and old ones that have no idea what theirs is.

19. Music- it’s the only way I’ve ever been able to communicate to someone that never gets misconstrued or misinterpreted. My saving grace at times.

20. Drama- I witnessed some CRAZY baby mama drama and I praise God that that will NEVER be me, come on somebody! Give Him a shout!

21. So this was my favorite day because I’m grateful to have met my IDOL! Chile, I got my entire life today. If you don’t know Charlin Neal or you don’t know how I feel about her check out my IG. In the meantime here’s a pic of me and her ( I was nervous as a baby taking this) 18514269_897713667035962_1086420485853413376_n

22.- 25. My job…is REALLY….amazing! I absolutely adore the company I work for. The opportunities I get are beyond what I would expect working for a place some people see as a ‘dead end’ job. I know God placed me here to show me that you don’t have to be unhappy in your 9-5

26. Wind. Pastor Smith preached on a fresh wind of change over a year ago. And I feel mine coming.

27. Sleep- A hobby of mine and my very best friend. Judge me but have you ever tried to function without it? 

28. Darrel Walls- Listen not only is he amazing to look at……..homeboy has a voice that commands the presence of God whether he’s singing in the car with you or in person

29. Bills- without them I would spend all my money on makeup and chipotle. (just a joke) I’m actually grateful for the ability to pay them. Not once and I mean ONCE have I worried about where money for bills (expected and unexpected) is going to come from. (Jehovah Jireh) 

30. My employees are my favorite people in the world. Some of them can sense and anticipate changes in my mood and go out of their way to make my day/life/job easier. And I love each and every one of them even though they annoy me. I love being their mom.

31. This blog. I am not a vulnerable person in my everyday life. And I appreciate the fact that even when I’m scared to hit the ‘post’ button that I still have a place to clear out my mind and put on paper what I’m going through. 

K, good talk