Junior year in High School I remember being so jealous of the seniors in the springtime.

  1. They were getting ready to graduate (I hated High School
  2. They seemed so mature and grown up (I still felt like a middle school loser)
  3. They all had tattoos!

I wanted a tattoo soooo bad! I just knew that getting some ink would make me look and feel like a grown up! It seemed like everyday a senior was coming into the lunchroom with their shirt sleeve rolled up as far as possible so they could show all their senior friends their first tattoo. Even though I knew my parents would NEVER be down to pay for or allow me to get a tattoo I HAD to ask. In true black parenting fashion my petition was met with a smooth, ‘You have tattoo money?’. In other words, NO GIRL!

It wasn’t until 2.5 years later that I had a job and I had enough tattoo money saved to get my FIRST tattoo! I decided on a pretty cool saying on my shoulder that says “Every Rose Has it’s Thorns” and I was pretty proud of it. However, my family was not so happy about my creative freedom. I had an hour long conversation about what the Bible says about tattoos from my grandmother after my mom snitched during a visit down south.

Five years and two tattoos since my first one, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Tattoos do NOT make you cool or less awkward (a sad revelation)
  2. Tattoos for me are not as addictive as everyone has said ( I blame having dark skin for that revelation)

Needless to say, I shocked myself when I felt the urge to get another tattoo. My grandma would probably kill me if she knew that the idea for my new tattoo actually came from the church…well a preacher. If you haven’t heard of Steven Furtick, Pastor of Elevation Church, you need to crawl from under the rock you’re living under and search his name in the closest Youtube search box. This year has been super hard for me spiritually, because I’ve been feeling like God forgot about me, like He doesn’t talk to me (more on that in another episode).  It took a strong Word from Steven for me to realize the problem is not God…it’s me!

The message was about Gods promises to us as His children. He said that we tend to condition ourselves to a certain type of blessing which blocks us from what God is ACTUALLY doing. We don’t pay attention to how God is blessing us. For example, we may be in need of a financial blessing but God is blessing our children. We are so focused on our financial woes that we never realize that God blessed our children with a gift or talent that would take care of our financial woes.



It doesn’t end there though. He goes on to say that God wants us to be committed to The Source NOT The System. If we keep our eyes on God (The Source) we don’t get used to only being blessed in one aspect (The System).

“His promises are the same but the way He’s doing it is different every time”- Pastor Furtick

Pastor Furtick said that God wants us to remember what He did but not HOW he did it. So, when we are in the wilderness/rough patch/hour of need God is going to light a path for us that will lead us to water. Then the next time we are in a different rough patch/hour of need/trial/tribulation remember:
1. God brought us out before of tough times before
2. Because he did, we have no need to worry
3. Don’t cling to what you’re used to because He has something better
4. Look around for how he is going to bless you because it’s already there

Y’all, when I tell you that blew my mind! I’ve never thought about it that way. God has truly blessed me over my lifetime and thinking back I can honestly say every blessing big or small has come in different packages and had I paid attention to some of the more unconventional ones I probably would have gotten out of my Valleys a whole lot sooner. But because I was focused on the wrong things, I missed my blessing.

I know what y’all are thinking, what the heck does that have to do with a tattoo?

Well it encouraged me to not forget that no matter what gets thrown my way, whatever’s coming next is the best thing for me. That may mean friendships, jobs, houses, etc. Why cry over a friend who decided to stab you in the back? God already sent a friend that’s going to have your back through your next season. In fact, you probably already met him/her. Why are you crying over the loss of a job you hated? He already set up a career you’ll care about!

These revelations are why I decided to get this last tattoo because I want to look at it everyday and tell myself that no matter what happens today God already has better. So on the best day I’ve ever had God has better. On the worst day, God surely has better. Bad health, loss of a child, divorce, disappointment GOD HAS BETTER.

K, good talk