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Keepin It Real

5 Lessons for 2019 & Beyond

Don’t want to wait all of 2019 to learn lessons to help you win? I’ll give you the keys to unlocking your most successful year yet. Five lessons to learn BEFORE the end of the year.

Keepin It Real

I Don’t Need Any Friends…

The walls of my car seemed to be touching each other, my face was hot and sweaty and no matter how much air I blasted from the dashboard, I couldn’t feel cool. My chest felt like I was sitting at the bottom of a dog pile. I promise I thought I was going to die. I tried to pick up the phone to call my bestfriend who I know was parked somewhere in the same sea of cars but everytime I tried to grab my cell phone, my fingers went limp. So…..the whole experience was TERRIBLE to say the least.

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