Real Love Series

Real Love…Part 3

The truth hurts & so does love. Ask me how I know…… Read More Real Love…Part 3

Keepin It Real

Keeping It Real (Episode 5)

“Strength- the quality or state of being strong” Yesterday was my moms birthday. Its my first time celebrating her birthday without her. Yesterday made a month since my mom passed away but honestly it feels like twelve years have gone by. Everyone always asks, “how are you” and usually my response is “I’m doing okay.… Read More Keeping It Real (Episode 5)

Keepin It Real


I’m not a nice person. My natural instinct when people stare at me in passing at the grocery store is to ask them if they have an eye problem. After getting over years of being bullied and being afraid to speak up for myself, it takes a lot for me to trust people. That mistrust… Read More Purity