I hear a lot of my peers (both secular & saved) say things like, “protect your peace”. I personally, agree with most statements regarding this mantra.

I believe that having peace is essential for any human to live a ‘good’ life.

Many people who believe in protecting their peace also believe that everyone can gain peace from difference sources in life depending on their personal likes and dislikes…

I do not believe that.

I believe peace only comes from one source. I believe peace is not a destination but it is a person. I believe peace is a gift that we can not buy or earn but instead must accept.

I believe peace is Jesus.

I believe that God gave us His only Son as a sacrifice and that the Son brought us gifts to help us.

I believe peace is one of those gifts.

I believe that peace is something offered to us but few choose to accept it because it doesn’t look like what we picture.

I do not believe peace is smiling all the time. And I do not believe peace is being happy. I do not believe peace is something that you can manifest simply by putting on a brave face or by participating in certain activities.

Peace is when David said “O Lord, how many are my foes! Many are rising against me…But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, & the lifter of my head.” -Psalms 3:1-3 ESV

Peace is acknowledging that trouble is all around you and calling God out tp fulfill the things He promised you & the people whose legacy you carry. See, David wasn’t saying (or singing) this psalm because he was happy. He wasn’t singing this because his life was going well. This was pain. This was sung with fear and uncertainty. This was sung while he was overwhelmed…and yet it was also sung with peace.

How can you say that Janae? I don’t see where it says that…

The first part of that verse he’s describing his situation. ‘how many are my foes!’ notice there is not a question mark. David wasn’t asking a question. He was making an observation of his current situation. He had so many people after him that he stopped counting. This could have been actual people or bills, his family drama, his boss, or some kind of combination of all those things. He even says ‘many are rising against me’. Which means he knows that what ever he was currently dealing with….there’s more coming.

So where does the peace come in?

He ends the verse by telling all his problems…who his God is. THAT is peace!

And as I sit here on the verge of what feels like another emotional breakdown, the thing I keep thinking about is peace.

I think about my early years and how from the beginning of my life the devil (the enemy) has strived to take my peace. No, he cannot reverse the sacrifice that Jesus did at the cross but he can trick us into not accepting the gifts that came with it. He knows that if he can prevent us from accepting the free gift of peace that any other achievement, blessing, or monetary gain will be poisoned by the lack of peace. It’s the reason rich, successful people kill themselves. They have no peace.

I’m not rich. Nor am I famous. I’m just a girl with WiFi.

I have problems (many). I have pain and trauma (many). I have enemies and those who wish for my downfall (many).

…but I have peace.

It’s not sitting on my nightstand wrapped with a pretty bow. It’s not at the end of a wine bottle. It’s not coming with a night of pleasure with a man who is not my husband. It’s not a certain number of likes on Instagram. It is not in my bank accounts.

It is in a timeless lesson that I have been learning since birth.

“When peace like a river attendeth my way. When sorrows like sea billows roll. But what ever my lot thou has taught me to say it is well with my soul”